Why Voting Is So Important

China Okasi

The 2020 elections are going to prove why voting is so important—if the last cycle’s drama in 2016 didn’t yet give us a clue. Many, on the right and the left, assumed that Hillary Clinton would win it all that year, and I assure you, I looked at polls up until the night before Election Day, and even The New York Times acted like it was a done deal.

Voting is beyond crucial, it is so important, because when unenthused, indifferent, Democrats, assumed that Clinton would win it all, they sat home and expected “everybody else” to vote. No, ma’am, not this time: YOU vote. You ensure you get to the polls, and record your vote. Even if your district, city, or state, is “assumed” blue, or “assumed” red, please life yourself and ensure that you vote in 2020.

Beyond Trump — Voting is important because it goes beyond Trump. The United States cannot just become violent and vile and hateful. Presidents can’t just tweet whatever: we need decorum restored. Also, enough of the charade and headlines like “Trump Wants to Buy Greenland,” and all this kooky non-leadership.

We need to vote beyond all this tiring Trump Sensationalism, and think of the economy: who will pass actual policies to address a possible recession, to address school loans, corporate greed…and so on? Hint: Elizabeth Warren—this woman has done so much homework and actual work, passing laws and protecting the average American, it’s actually freaking impressive.

We need to think about why voting is TRULY important: bottom-line issues that affect you, for real, not these Trump headlines that are more like a soap opera slash horror movie than they are about anything to do with your existence.

Morale Change — Beyond Trump, voting is important because we also have humanity at stake. To actually replay the horrors around children in cages being sexually abused, immigrants being targeted, violence being provoked in the name of MAGA and Trump admin policies, would bring shame to the world leadership status of the United States. It’s not even about Republican versus Democrat anymore: it’s just about restoring American decency, because a crazed apocalypse the likes of which we continue to endure with no impeachment in sight, has gone on way beyond its expiration date.

Cyber Security — Can we never again have a whole enemy of the state hack into our democracy, though? Like: seriously? Are you even aware of how your Facebook activity is linked to Russia’s hacking of the 2016 elections? If you’re not into cyber security, the answer’s probably no. We need to pressure lawmakers to make it easy for people who aren’t “techie” to know whether a website has been inspected and regulated for harmful digital and political warfare or not. We need to demand, require, and see, somewhere on Facebook and Twitter, what their Cyber Grades are: if Facebook is an “F” website, due to a large portion of infected, corrupt, and dangerous political misinformation, we need to know that. Grades are very simple to understand; ratings are very easy for the public to grasp.

Right now, so many Americans are lost in a maze of what website can be trusted—and to what extent—during political seasons. There needs to be a well-informed team of digital experts who regulate and grade these Big Tech websites, the same way the FDA regulates the foods and drugs we consume, so that we can stop being had by Facebook and Twitter—and we can avoid cray headlines like, “27 Millions Americans Got Duped In Voting, Y’all…And It’s Something to Do With Facebook, But Like, Nobody Really Knows Technically How It All Works…And So, Here’s Your President: We Think?”

And another thing. Let’s never talk about “Hillary’s Emails” again. Let’s just not. At this point, criticizing Hillary Clinton for having used a private email server to check her secure government-route messages is not allowed unless you’re going to criticize yourself. She clearly didn’t know any better about cyber security back then—and quite frankly, neither did you!

All this fancy stuff about election hacking, information weaponry, and digital warfare between powerful nation-states like the United States and Russia are constantly evolving. Just when we think we’ve learned so much about how all those variables work, some other 2.0 genius comes and changes the digital landscape and gives us more reasons why voting is so important.

As a result, we need to approach our knowledge of the Internet and those who use it—across the globe, in several countries—with a certain degree of cynicism and humility. We don’t even know half of what we don’t know, and had we been in Hillary Clinton’s shoes, especially at her age, we JUST may have risked using private servers too! The point of technology is for us to keep pushing to learn in all aspects of our lives, keep strengthening our data intelligence, from politics to emails, and everything in between.

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