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Bio & Speaking

What are the qualities of top motivational speakers and advocates for your well-being? They have to care about YOU: what drives humanity, what people need at unique stages or life experiences. Motivational speakers need awareness and the gift of healing, not just of talk or of shininess. They need to make you aware of YOUR power to heal your own self, free from any over-reliance on inspirational talks from life coaches, lectures, and speaker bureaus. 

A friend asked me about top motivational speakers & what I would tell her about brokenness in order to motivate her. First, I’d said, cleanse. Cleanse everything. Do your rituals. Burn the anger, the pain, cleanse. Then I’d say, be still. Practice listening to your inner voice and be still. Write down what that voice is saying. Talk to her. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What would make you happy? What would make this better? How can you find your home? Where is your peace? Write down what your inner voice responds. Keep writing. Keep taking care of her. Then, on good days, connect with your future. Have a plan. Take it week by week. Or day by day. And hopefully, as you inch towards your picture of peace, you can transition from this period to a new one…but knowing, that every period is transitive, comes with wins, comes with losses, comes with gains, comes with pains…and having the grace to move from one day to the next, one point to the other…no matter the weather.

That’s my biography in a nutshell: “having grace.” Like top motivational speakers I love, I motivate and speak to others about having the grace to live, to work, and to love. My website is designed around the concept of LIFE, WORK, and LOVE. These are tough concepts, especially these days.

I’m a millennial. I’m a woman. I’m certified in cybersecurity. I started a popular digital magazine from scratch along with top motivational speakers, sold it, created more. I have seven years of motivational & cable TV commentary experience on any network you can name…CNN/HLN, BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Sky News: all of it, from London to New York to LA. I have three Ivy League degrees from Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, & Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. I entered Cornell at age 16 and graduated in three years at age 19 (and I did one year of a sociolinguistics Ph.D. program when I was 21). I started temping on Wall Street at age 15–answering phones, not handling your investments, so don’t be scared.

In total, I have three Ivy League degrees.

5 top motivational speakers who come to mind?
Suze Orman – author, financial advisor, motivational speaker.
Iyanla Vanzant – inspirational speaker, lawyer, author, life coach & TV host.Amy Gale –  actress, model, world-class snowboarder, Paralympic medalist, professional motivational speaker, clothing designer and author.
Gina Rodriguez – award-winning actress, listed here because her motivational talk on mental health was inspirational.
Oprah Winfrey – QUEEN. Need I say more? I need not.


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Queen of Motivational Podcasts! Digital & Entertainment Chief. #Feminist Foodie. Fighter. Friend.

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