Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People PDF

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Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People PDF (Modern Version).
The work environment can be daunting with its pretenses and b.s., but highly successful employees know how to tackle even the most burdensome work environment with grace, class, and skill. All you have to do to streamline your success at work, is eliminate poor habits that get in your way and leave behind a bad image.

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In the modern version, we’re discussing the habit of highly successful employees. What are those habits that highly successful employees keep secret? See if you can recognize them below:

1. Never be the one with excuses.

There’s such a thing as a personal brand, and your personal brand at work is the most important element to create and maintain as you go through your work years. Part of that brand is being reliable. The minute you start giving excuses for why things went wrong, why you were late, why you didn’t do what you were supposed to do, why you led the company into a bad decision, why you weren’t as good, why you left early, why, why, why, you’ll consistently brand yourself as the person with excuses. Highly successful employees never do the “excuses” thing.

Think of your personal brand as a commercial, and write down what people might say is your branding message. Would they say — you: the one with excuses? Or, would they say — you: the reliable one? If you’re a car commercial, would you be the car whose tires are rickety and whose exhaust pipes are filled with smoke (a.k.a. EXCUSES), or would you be the car who glides easily, steadily, and reliably, on the road? I’m sure you’d want to have the latter brand, so remain steady in your brand, and never ever be the one with excuses. So, future highly successful employee, every time you detect an excuse getting ready to slip from your mouth, just stop yourself and replace that excuse phrase with an action phrase.

For example, if you THINK of saying, “oh sorry, I was going to do the project but I got a headache last night,” change that phrase to: “I’m on it right now, have a few thoughts to finalize, and can’t wait to show you guys the new, improved version of XYZ project in about 3 hours.” Notice how the latter phrase creates more excitement and commands more respect? Yeah. Be THAT person, not the “excuse-after-excuse-after-excuse” person! That’s how to reach a high level of success. See theSeven Habits Of Highly Successful People PDF above.

2. Cut your lateness — in EVERY aspect.

You’re late to come in, you’re late to hand in your work, you’re even late to lunch, dang — everyone is always waiting on you, you’re always apologizing for being late, why oh why? That’s not what highly successful employees do! In order to achieve success at work, you’ll have to cut the dragging habit of lateness. Lateness draaags your brand behind what it should be. If you struggle with lateness, use various techniques to attack your issue. Set clocks ahead by a half an hour, set your watch ahead of time, set everything ahead of time.

If you find yourself having a great, awesome, helpful, conversation that you know will make you late, interrupt the conversation a number of times, and say that you don’t want to be late, and that you’ll wrap in a few minutes. I say interrupt a number of times, not just one time, because if you say it one time, you’ll give yourself one time, then more time, then more time. But, if you interrupt the great conversation at least three times, and leave on your third, then you’ll be able to cut back on running late because you were having succcchhh a great conversation. See the Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People PDF above.

3. Don’t remain in gossip circles. Walk away: often.

Speaking of interrupting great conversations, now you know there are some juicy conversations at work that are just dripping with tea and tantalizing to hear. But, guess what, they’re a measure of your brand. If your brand is to be engaged with company gossip (especially often), then you’ll receive less respect down the line when people are looking for someone who is trustworthy and who won’t gossip about them. That’s just human nature.

Even if those same people were gossiping right along with you, they just won’t respect you if they know that you don’t rise above the gossip and you’re no more deserving of leadership than they are, when it comes to work environment. So, if you want success, keep it classy at all times! If you find someone trying to pull you into some kind of gossip circle, say — “it’s just not my business; I have tons of projects waiting for me,” and walk away. You can be nice about it, you can smile, you can nod, but keeping distance from gossip will increase your chance for success at work — as well as bolster your personal brand!

Yes, you may think it’s weird, it’s dorky, it’s nerdy, and it’s borderline anti-social to walk away from group gossip and “inside clique opportunities,” but just do it, if you’d like to be a highly successfuly employee!

4. Don’t share your next moves (and ALWAYS have a next move).

The point of working these days isn’t just to make money, it’s to create a well of resources that contribute your personal brand, your savings, and your network connections. Many people are leaving their jobs for entrepreneurship, some are leaving to switch careers, but all are leaving because they want better opportunities, connections, and environments.

So, you should always be thinking about your next move, and the move after that move! You should always see the big picture. Sure, it’s important to have longevity in a job you like, especially if you LIKE that job/career (a rare feat for some people). However, no work lasts forever, and you must have a phase that succeeds your current one. The challenge will be not sharing your future plans with your colleagues, especially if they’re in competitive spaces with you. Everything you share can later on be used against you, for example to justify a firing, to explain your performance in a certain project, and even to reduce pay, if it gets that drastic. Hold your dreams and future plans close, and discuss them with people outside of work you can trust.

If you’re partnering with a co-worker to start a new business, different rules apply. You should make sure that the two of you sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, and keep all work time separate from your time with your future business partner. Keep these tips for success in mind.

5. Don’t date your colleagues (tricky…but, read on).

Sure, it can be difficult, if you’re single, not to think about dating the cute catch you see so many times in the office, but dating at work can be awkward and stressful for so many reasons.

First of all, if you have relationship difficulties, and are not so great with controlling your emotions, you could find yourself embarrassing yourself at work one day when you’re trying to speak with — or not speak with — your significant other.

Secondly, work is often used to take your mind off the tumult that’s happening at home. So, it’s important to have some separation between church and state, if you know what I mean. Some place has to be your sanctuary. Or, crassly put: don’t eat where you shit.

Now, I know there are some husband and wife teams who start businesses together, or just so happen to work in the same company (whether they met at that company or not), and I know that you can’t always control whom you fall in love with. But, this article is about success in the workplace, and rigorous success often comes with the avoidance of emotional entanglements at work.

So, the spirit of this advice is just — don’t be emotionally entangled at work! If you can manage to date or work with a significant other without ever bringing emotional entanglements to the office, then more power to you. Most people cannot. Know yourself, and check yourself!

See the Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People PDF above.

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