National Boss Day: Top Ideas For Cool Bosses

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Hear, hear, ye employees who love your job…or even if you don’t love your job, maybe you at least love your boss? It’s National Boss Day, a day that is observed on October 16 in the United States, and it was created as a day to show respect to the boss? People in many countries celebrate National Boss Day!

Here are a few ideas for National Boss Day:

Thank a Kind Boss
Given that many bosses aren’t particularly kind, some people may want to thank their bosses for being less than jerky and even a little understanding towards their circumstances so far.

National Boss Day’s History
It was introduced in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski, who registered it with the Chamber of Commerce when she served as a secretary for State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois for her father.

Harosku wanted to bring a little empathy to bosses, who may often be under-appreciated and maligned, because…well, they’re bosses.

In 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner officially proclaimed Boss’ Day. Even Hallmarks started offering Boss’ Day greetings cards in 1979.

Wanna do something awesome for your boss? Check out these funny laughs and look below for more National Boss Day ideas.

1. Leave your boss a thank you note

If you don’t want to go as far as buying a card for this Day, leave a kind note stating all the tasks, ideas, and words of encouragement for which you’re grateful and thank your boss for being a good boss, if it applies to your situation. Try not to leave a note on National Boss Day if you don’t like your boss, because it is not certain that note will have the right, er…connotation.

2. Leave your boss a National Boss Day card

If your boss is pretty awesome and you want to take things a step up, how about a National Boss Day card? You can give an e-card or a printed card from Hallmark as a way of saying thank you to your favorite boss, and, if the circumstance are right, colleague/friend. There’s never a bad time to give someone a card! Spread the joy, love, and respect…

3. Bring a cake marked #BOSS for a lunch celebration

Okay, here’s a good excuse to lighten the mood at work! National Boss Day means bringing cake to work. And, if you’re allowed, put it on the company’s tab! Why not? Cake will flatter your boss’ ego and give everyone a reason to bond over something (and/or someone sweet). Geez, really hoping you all have good bosses out there!

4. Ask for a raise

You know what? While everyone is in sssuch a great mood? How about a raise? Instead of (only) eating cake and buying cards and having a merry old calorically glorious time, why not take it a step further and use the momentum of this day to ask for that raise, promotion, salary adjustment, or perk, for which you’ve worked so hard? While your boss is buttered up, your boss might just be in a good enough mood this special National Boss Day to return the good feeling! Capitalize, friends. 😉

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