Mariah’s Drug Test “5-10 Years” Result: Married to Medicine

China Okasi

For viewers of Mariah Huq and the ladies of Married to Medicine, Season 7, Episode 6 on BRAVO, one question seems to have been circulating the web waves–and that’s whether drug tests can go back as far as five to 10 years.

First, let’s backtrack and figure out where the question came from. On the show, Mariah (executive producer, co-creator, and cast member of Married to Medicine) has been feuding with her now former best friend Quad Webb (who recently divorced psychiatrist Dr. Greg Lunceford).

Their feud stems from the show’s Season 6 reunion episode, wherein Quad accused Mariah of using cocaine. Mariah had been so flabbergasted and incensed by the accusation that she took great lengths to take a drug test shortly after the accusation aired.

Here’s some video:

After fans watched that video, they critiqued it a bit, saying that drug tests don’t necessarily tell anyone whether someone has used cocaine in the past.

Enter this week’s episode, where Toya Harris, another cast member and friend of Mariah, says that she in fact went to a SECOND drug testing clinic with Mariah, and after a very legitimate hair strand test from that clinic, the clinic results showed that Mariah has not used drugs in “the last five to 10 years.”

The clip is below:

This specific segment of the show, with Toya stating that Mariah had not used drugs in that many years, brought some fans who are unfamiliar with clinic testing to ask whether any drug test can go back that many years to reveal whether a patient has been using or not.

To answer this question, yes: a drug test can go back several years to determine whether someone has been using cocaine or not.

As Vice reports:

There is no expiration point for cocaine compounds in your hair. They just stay there until you cut it. It’s more likely to test positive the more cocaine you do. If you have done coke excessively or recently, the best course of action, Sample says, is to cut your hair. The most recently generated bits of hair strands are closest to the roots, so chop off the bits that may have been in production when you last used and you’re safer.

The drug cocaine can get wired into follicular morphogenesis, and many other drugs such as opioids meth, ecstasy, marijuana, follow this attachment process.

“It’s circulating through the bloodstream and the hair follicle is exposed to blood in the shaft,” an expert says in the article. “Cocaine can be growing in your hair.”

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