10 Best Life Hacks for Weight Loss (WITHOUT the Gym)

China Okasi

Trust me when I say that pounds can creep their way unto your body, and you need life hacks for weight loss to make them go away—without starving and without having to sleep in the gym. Lazy Weight Loss Team, unite!

The general rule is that I won’t really weigh myself: it’s about how I feel (I hate stepping on anything that returns a number to me about myself, e.g. — age, weight, stuff like that…like, totes wack, and not a life hack)!

BUT, you may have stepped on a scale one day and seen some pounds that make you overweight (me, me! Over here)! I relate! In fact, I decided to figure out a hack for weight loss.

Being the (lazy-omg-do-I-haaave-to-go-to-the-gym-uuhhgain?) fiend that I am, when it comes to food, I LOVE TO EAT.

So, I thought: how can I lose weight, without going to the gym, and by eating like a lot of times a day? Cos I love food!!! Guess what. I figured out how! That’s why I’m so excited to write this down these life hacks for weight loss and share it with all my ladies.

(I’m not a replacement for your doctor, I am just sharing what worked for me in literally 30 days. Just follow what it says every day, and without working out, if you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll experience what I did).

  1. It all starts with food portion and size. If you use any food management app for like a week or two, here and there, you’ll start to notice that you’ll lose like 2 and 3 pounds, etc.
  2. Restrict calories, but eat: don’t starve, just eat within a calorie allotment.
  3. Observe how you currently eat. (I noticed I would put in my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, etc., and they would total 3,000 calories a day! NO JOKE).
  4. It’s all in the dates and romance: yes, restaurants are a huge part of dating, but try not to order everything on dates—that will get ya.
  5. Know the math. One pound of weight is 3,500 calories. So, imagine I’m supposed to be eating 1,200 calories a day, and I’m giving my body a surplus of 2,300 calories of food, bringing my total consumption to 3,500 calories a day. Of course I’m going to gain weight!
  6. Eating is way more important than exercise. You don’t need any fancy weight loss books or programs to tell you that. It should be, and is, published knowledge that watching what you eat is way more important than exercise during weight loss. Here’s a New York Times piece on it.
  7. Come up with a gajillion things to eat every day (like me, since I’m greedy) but make sure they can ONLY add up to 1,200 calories (or 1,500 for guys).
  8. Pick a store you like, and stick with it!
  9. Healthy stores like Whole Foods or your local grocery store could work.
  10. I used Trader Joe’s and started picking foods that had 100-and-something calories per serving or less, because I figured if I could eat like 10 different things a day that were around 100 calories each, then I’d still be able to “eat a lot of things,” while sticking to a 1,000-calorie diet!

Brilliant, right?

And, lo and behold, I was able to find EVEN FREAKING ICE CREAM AND BREAD to eat! I found a mango-cream ice cream at Trader Joe’s that’s only 60 calories per bar, I kid you not. I was like, come here sweetie, into my shopping basket you go.

I found a Mediterranean flat bread that’s 150 calories per bread, and I chucked that right into my basket as well…so, that was already two things that came out to be 200 calories. Remember my goal was to find a combination of 10 things that were around 100 calories each (with the ability to go over, if I needed to).

If I went over by several calories on one item, then I’d simply reduce the number of foods to eat from 10 things to eat, to maybe 8 things to eat — as long as whatever I ate didn’t exceed about 1,000 calories or 1,500 calories if I was having a hungry day.

Now, to maintain my weight, I don’t even really have to write down what I’m eating anymore, I have it memorized…so I know when I’ve eaten more than 1,200 calories for the day. Also, my body will give me a pass on many days, because it’s already been trained to consume way less than 3,000 calories or 4,000 calories a day, so it’s not gonna put back on the 15 pounds again unless I start eating 3K and 4K calories a day again.

Here’s the diet I follow to keep some weight off:

7 a.m. (or when you wake up):

Steel-cut Oatmeal (it’s in the Frozen section) – 150 calories

(Take with Almond Milk, which should be no more than a few calories maybe 60 calories. You can generally have as much as you need..don’t put sugar or honey, if you can help it)

9 a.m.:

If hungry, you can have an Egg White Omelette (30 calories per serving; you can have as much as you need, maybe 60 calories) – just this, no bread, but you can have it with spinach, onions, and tomatoes (this will be about an additional 50 calories or less)

12 p.m.:

Flatbread – feast on just one of these – 150 calories.

Meatless Chicken Tenders – 150 calories. (Try not to eat meat).

Chunky Olive Hummus – no more than like 2 servings, about 80 calories.

2 p.m.:

Big, yummy salad; they have many choices at your fave deli or grocery store and the way I finish them is to bring them out of the packaging, put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with salad dressing. You can pick anyone, but try not to eat meat. I’m still convinced that meat is the #1 weight inducer on the planet. I wouldn’t do it on this diet until the weight is lost and then you can start adding shrimp and fish.

Salad – eat about 200 to 300 calories, basically half the container…and you don’t have to use all the dressing. Surprisingly, just using SOME of the dressing will still be very tasty! If you eat the whole salad on a hungry day, that’s okay too (salads = life hacks for weight loss).

4 p.m.:

DR. MCDOUGALL’S Hot & Spicy Soup – 110 calories.

Eat with soy sauce (as much as you want; I do one tablespoon) and a dab of habanero, if you need. This soup is major, major, weight loss hack!

7 p.m.:

TRADER JOE’S Mango Ice Cream (60 calories)

or a bag of Lite Popcorn (120 calories)

One TJ ice cream bar is 60 calories.

I’d aim for one only, really & I’d rather do the ice cream than the popcorn, but it just depends on your preference. You’ll still lose weight with either one.

9 p.m.:

Should be asleep, but if awake, you can have another ice cream bar, if you only had one earlier.

OR, to fill your belly, can have another soup.

TIP FOR EATING THE SOUP: Make sure the noodles soak properly and swell well enough, cos there isn’t too much!

As you can see, this is quite a bit of food, but it’s very low in calorie count, so you’re eating a whole bunch of delicious foods, but you’re eating one serving of them throughout the day. Works for me! Let me know how it goes for you, and hope you enjoyed these life hacks for weight loss.

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