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NASA is on all-female vibe and it’s glorious. Two women, Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, prepare to take NASA’s first-ever all-women spacewalk.

Catch them here:

They are going to step out of the International Space Station to replace a power controller that had problems over the weekend. They were supposed to venture out on October 21, but repair on the controller was needed urgently.

Here’s what you need to know about Christina Hammock Koch:

1. She’s from the midwest and she’s accomplished a ton already.

The 40-year-old Christina was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and she ventured south to North Carolina State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and physics. She also has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, from North Carolina State University.

2. She’s done this four times!

For Christina, this will be her fourth spacewalk. She was selected by NASA in 2013 and took her first spaceflight as part of Expedition 59, 60 and 61. For Jessica Meir, it will be her first.

3. She’s holding a record for longest spaceflight by a woman.

Friday’s spacewalk will mean a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, with an expected 328 days, according to NASA’s website. This doesn’t won’t beat out another astronaut, Scott Kelly’s record of 340 days in space, but “longest single spaceflight by a woman,” is a title she’s get to earn. Before Christina, a woman named Peggy Whitson, held the title; she spent 288 consecutive days in orbit in 2017.

4. She snapped a pic of her “space home” and shared the following on Twitter.

She tweeted: “Curb appeal. It’s not often I get to see my house from the outside. This photo I snapped on my spacewalk last Friday captures the habitable modules that I have called home for the last eight months. Pretty lucky to be living inside an engineering marvel.”

5. Her expected return from space is not until next year February.

While Christina began her journey to the International Space Station on March 14, 2019, she isn’t expected to be back until next year, February 2020.

6. Her spacewalk is being branded as an “all-female” spacewalk.

NASA hasn’t had just women go on a mission before, so Christina Koch is making history for going alongside her colleague Jessica Meir on what is being branded an “all-female” spacewalk. Look out for Christina who will be wearing red stripes on her suit.
Jessica tweeted: “Gearing up for Friday’s spacewalk to help the ground teams repair one of the battery channels with @Astro_Christina… first spacesuit selfie, check!✔️

Photos will be much more spectacular once we pass through the hatch. Be sure to watch live:”

7. You can catch a live stream of the spacewalk through NASA.


You can watch the two women, Jessica and Christina, on their spacewalk, as NASA will begin the live stream on their website at 6:50 a.m. ET on Friday. Click here for more.

8. She met her husband while doing remote work for NASA.

In an interview with NASA, Christina gives some details about how she met her husband, Bob Koch.

I was working at another remote research base…[…}. So really remote places, so American Samoa is like maybe 500 miles south of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific and there’s prevailing winds there so we stuck, or NOAA suck a station on the kind of upwind end of the island and has been studying the climate there.

Host: And that’s where you met Bob.

Christina Koch: It is. I was very lucky I met Bob, my husband there.

Check out the full interview here.

9. Her husband does contractor work for the government and was a program director.

In the same interview above, Christina’s husband, Bob shares that he was working as a contractor for the government when they met and he was the head of the geospatial program for the Samoan Department of Commerce. During his two-year contract, on what he describes as a “similar type of mission trying to accomplish something somewhere unique and travel somewhere and do some interesting work,” as his now wife, is where they met.

She told Glamour magazine that she’s been wanting to explore space since childhood.

According to the article, Christina said, “My bedroom wall in Jacksonville, North Carolina, was covered in posters of the space shuttle alongside ones of New Kids on the Block. I had always set my sights on working with NASA, but I didn’t want to get there by checking the usual boxes, like learning to fly and scuba dive. I wanted to get there because I was passionate about science and the next frontier.”

Check out the full article here.

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