Atatiana Jefferson: 10 Strong & Quick Facts to Know

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News of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson who was shot and killed in Fort Worth, Texas by a police offer on October 12, 2019, inside of her own home has shocked many.

Atatian’s Facebook page shows that she worked at Xavier University of Louisiana and studied there as a biology major and chemistry minor, with pre-med plans to go to medical school. She was working in pharmaceutical equipment sales, according to her GoFundMe page.

She was an intelligent student, dedicated to her labs at school, and even has a 2015 video on YouTube showing her doing a particular lab exercise:


On top of being an enthusiastic student, she kept busy and had previously set up a work page here through the freelancer/contractor Upwork as a customer service and data entry specialist.

Her Upwork page boldly reads:

I have experience in a range of jobs from human resources and benefits administration to warehouse associate. I also have experience in science related fields including chemistry quality control. I excel in every career task and opportunity I engage in primarily because I enjoy having my name associated with success. I am not afraid of challenges: challenges are afraid of me.

The life she had ahead of her, all her ambitions and joy, and her innocent actions in simply babysitting her nephew at home when she stepped out to her backyard and was shot, are all enough for so many communities to be outraged by her shooting and death.

As the chaos plays out and demands for investigations happen, this article attempts to gather the 10 strongest and quickest facts about what happed to Atatiana Jefferson on that horrendous night of Oct. 12, 2019.

Here are 10 strongest and quickest facts about Atatiana Jefferson:

1. She prided herself as “the cool aunty” and was up playing video games with her nephew in her own home before being shot.

According to reports, Atatiana was proud of being the “cool auntie” to her siblings’ children, was playing Xbox with her nephew very early in the morning, around 2:28 a.m., when they started hearing noises and seeing flashlights.

2. A neighbor had been responsible for calling the police to Atatiana’s house.

A neighbor called the police to Atatiana’s house because he’d seen the front and side doors open. He had reportedly assumed there was some problem, as news reports say that the neighbor called a non-emergency number to ask for a welfare check on Atatiana, because her front door was open. Updates from CNN state that the dispatcher did not in fact correctly tell the police officers that this was a welfare check. CNN states, “The officer who shot her in her own home was sent on a call that police often handle as a potential burglary.” This misinformation could have contributed to the fatal mishandling of the tragic situation.

3. Atatiana walked into her backyard, where a police officer shot her.

She walked into her backyard and a white officer shot her. She is black. The news of this incident stokes fear and harkens back to the Amber Guyger case, in which a white neighbor shot a black man in his own home. Its racial undertones have caused an uproar among African-American communities who are seeing the same narrative play out on repeat like a horror show.

4. The white male officer shot her through her bedroom window.

The New York Times reports that the police “shouted for her to put her hands up and immediately fired a single shot through the glass, according to body camera footage released by the department.” CNN reports that “the officers were searching the perimeter of the woman’s home when they saw a person standing near a window inside and one of them opened fire, killing her, Fort Worth police said.” The body camera footage appears to be heavily edited.

5. Reports state that the police did not identify themselves in the video below of the shooting (GRAPHIC WARNING).

The police never mentioned that they were police. They went in and told her to put her hands up, because of the called they received from her neighbor.

6. The neighbor who called the police now regrets the call.

He now says he regrets making the call, according to reports. The Daily Mail reports; the neighbor made the following statement: “If I had never dialed the police, she’d still be alive.” The report says that the neighbor is horrified she was killed in her own home by a cop.

7. The police wasted no time in firing their shot against her.

According to reports, the firing officer yelled, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” before firing a shot less than a second later. The shooting was immediate.

8. The Fort Worth Police Department released body camera footage and a statement.

“The Fort Worth Police Department is releasing available body camera footage to provide transparent and relevant information to the public as we are allowed within the confines of the Public Information Act and forthcoming investigation,” police said in a statement.

9. The police statement also said officers entered the home and gave the woman medical treatment.

Despite this medical treatment, Atatiana died at the scene of the shooting.

10. Police have now named the officer who shot Atatiana as Aaron Dean.

The officer who shot her is said to have joined the police department in April of 2018. The department has now fired the officer. He is being charged in the death of Atatiana Jefferson.


Story is being updated…

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